What to do in the Cinque Terre

There are many things that can be done in the Cinque Terre; if you sleep in one of the five countries, you will have the best possibilities and comforts, without wasting time to reach our territory from outside.
The Cinque Terre can be reached by train and by car; if you use the car, the best thing is to park it and move around on foot, by train or by boat.
The village of Manarola is the easiest to reach by car, it is the crossroads of many paths, the railway station is a few steps from the town and in the small port all the scheduled boats dock.
Click HERE for information to arrive by car and park it.

The trails

You will have at your disposal a network of trails of over 110 km; only the path on the sea from Corniglia to Vernazza to Monterosso is subject to payment, the remaining stretches do not require the payment of any toll.
There are paths on the sea or on the mountain ridge, stairways and vertical sections that connect them, paths between vineyards and olives, between chestnut and holm oak woods, old rural roads for the cultivation of terraces, ancient paths connecting the Val di Vara, scenic trails near the villages.
The choice is great, some are easy to follow, others less so; we recommend that you always wear suitable clothing and bring a supply of water.

The villages

All the Cinque Terre villages Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso will reveal their charm when you explore them.
You will walk in narrow alleyways between the tall houses that recall the times of pirate raids, you will find squares and open spaces where you can rest, spectacular views and the marinas, beautiful and different, with a cheerful life.
The churches are monuments of medieval architecture and contain important artistic works, definitely worth visiting.
Even the hamlets deserve interest, and among these we point out the village of Volastra, above Manarola, a place of passage for the path towards Corniglia.

The Sanctuaries

Each of the five villages has its own sanctuary, high, quiet places where you can relax with wonderful views.
Above Riomaggiore the Sanctuary of Montenero, above Manarola the sanctuary of Volastra, above Corniglia that of San Bernardino, that of Reggio above Vernazza and the largest in Soviore in the hills of Monterosso.

The sea

The Cinque Terre coast is largely characterized by high and vertical cliffs, the waters are clear and transparent, and the bathing places are close to the villages.
Riomaggiore and Vernazza have a small beach near the town; the most important beaches of the Cinque Terre with their bathing establishments are in Monterosso.
You will discover beautiful places to swim even if there are no beaches, follow the advice of the natives and the hotels that host you, you will be thrilled!

The food

You will find excellent restaurants, both fish and meat based, with prices for all budgets; some offer unique dishes that you won’t find in other places.
Also in this case, get advice from the hotel that hosts you, it will help you discover many good things, and among these the best breakfasts!


In the villages there are many small shops for a few hours of shopping, their discovery is fun, many are in easily found places, others maybe a little hidden, but you will like the variety you will find.


In Manarola and in the other villages there are boat rental services with driver, pesto and cooking lessons, the possibility of wine tasting, guided tours of the cellars and vineyards, guided excursions, canoe and kayak rental, visits to the villages using the line boats.
On this site you can find timetables, prices, destinations and all the information on the scheduled boat service: www.navigazionegolfodeipoeti.it

Also for this reason, in the hotels of the Cinque Terre that host you, and in Manarola in Casa Capellini, you will find the best information, advice and tourist references.

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