Where to park your car

If you want to reach by car Manarola, and sleep a few nights in the Cinque Terre, we recommend to park the car, going to your accommodation, and not using it until departure.
To visit the five villages we recommend using the train, walking along the paths or using the boats.


If you intend to stay in Manarola the parking possibilities are mainly these:
Paid parking before the town of Manarola (rates are shown at the bottom of the page)
Free parking along the road before reaching Manarola, where allowed on the roadside
It will be more difficult to find a place from July to August, especially on Saturdays and Sundays and on spring holidays; during the other months there will be less difficulties.
From the paid parking in Manarola you can reach Casa Capellini on foot in 5 minutes.


Rates for paid parking in Posella and Acquarino from 1 April 2023 to 31 October 2023:
Hourly rate € 3.00
Rate for 1 day € 20.00
Rate for 2 days € 35.00
Rate for 3 days € 50.00
Rate for 4 days € 65.00
Rate for 5 days € 80.00
Rate for 6 days € 100.00
Rate for 1 week € 120.00
Rate for 2 weeks € 150.00
Rate for 3 weeks € 170.00
Rate for 1 month € 180.00

Find all the necessary information (rates, timetables, methods of use) at this link.

In periods with a greater presence of tourists, you can evaluate the possibility of parking in La Spezia and reach Manarola by train.
Find the most interesting possibilities at this link.

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