The road of sanctuaries (REL 530)

Pieces of history

Trail N. 530, also known as the “Strada dei Santuari” (Sanctuary Road), is a relatively flat fire road that connects Volastra to Trail AV5T at Telegrafo, and intersects with several vertical trails.

Characteristics of the trail

The trail starts in ascent on asphalt as it leaves Volastra, together with Trail N. 506,
directly across the provincial road from the village.
After about 100 meters it curves to the right, and here Trail N. 506 splits off on the left onto single track.
Trail 530 flattens out and continues through olive trees and vineyards. Near the 0.5 km mark it curves to the left, then intersects with
Trail N. 506V.
The vegetation changes to a mixed forest of predominantly pines and chestnuts.
At the 1 km mark the asphalt ends, at the cemetery of Volastra.
The trail continues on a wide, unpaved road, winding its way horizontally along the steep undulating hillsides.
What were once cultivated fields have since been overtaken by mediterranean scrub and a mixed forest.
The sea is visible much of the way.
An electrified fence, in place to keep wild boars from descending down into cultivated fields, runs along the right side of the trail.
At km 3.0 Trail N. 530 intersects with Trail N. 502 Manarola-AV5T, and a few meters after that with Trail N. 532 from Corniolo Hill.
At km 4.7 it intersects with Trail N. 501 Riomaggiore-AV5T.
At km 6.4 a sign indicates the ancient settlement of Cacinagora, but as of this writing the trail is unmarked and overgrown with vegetation.
At km 7.9 the trail makes a hairpin turn, the surface changes to asphalt, and the grade steepens considerably.
On the curve an unmarked trail on the right leads to Trail SVA/593 to Montenero.
Around km 8.2, another trail to SVA/593 and the Sanctuary of Montenero starts at “Casarino”.
This trail is marked, but does not have a number (S/N). At km 9 the trail flattens out and returns to an unpaved surface.
At the top of the climb, on the left, is Trail N. 530C. The “Scala Santa” is on this trail which connects to Trail AV5T near Bivio Bramapane.
Trail N. 530 continues for another 800 meters, then terminates at Telegrafo where it intersects with AV5T, SVA/993 and Via Parodi.

TRAIL CONNECTIONS: 506, 506V, 502, 532, 501, Cacinagora, S/N to Montenero, 530C, SVA/593 and AV5T

Technical details of the trail

Length: 9.82 kilometers
Elevation gain: 252 meters
Maximum elevation: 517 meters
Trail type: paved and unpaved road
Surface: asphalt, dirt, gravel
Environment: olive groves, vineyards, mediterranean scrub and mixed forest
Trailhead: Volastra at intersection of SP51 and Via N.S. della Salute
FKT (Fastest Known Time): 49:26 Fernando Alvarez (source: Strava segment “Trail 530 (Volastra-Telegrafo)”)

Article taken from the cinqueterretrekking newsletter.

Consult the excursionist’s Vademecum on the Nationale Park website

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