Cinque Terre trails

From our house the connection to the Cinque Terre paths is immediate, in many directions:

Trail on the mountain ridge

It divides the territory of the Cinque Terre and that of the Val di Vara, which is part of the ancient Via dei monti Liguri.
The paths on the ridge are free (no payment is needed)

Trails near the sea

Without going up the mountain you proceed on one side towards Riomaggiore and on the other towards Corniglia and then Vernazza and Monterosso.
This path (ex blue path) is subject to payment in the Corniglia-Vernazza-Monterosso sections.

The vertical paths

Connect the countries to the paths in the two directions and the two main routes between them.
They are not subject to payment.

The trails that from the mountain ridge reach the Val di Vara

The paths that from the ridge reach the Val di Vara

Other trails

They are the least frequented, for which we can provide you with personalized itineraries; they are not subject to payment. Find here some proposals for routes that start from Casa Capellini; for our guests we have special tips for exploring unknown trails that will be an unexpected surprise!


Part of these paths host the “Schiacchetrail” mountain race with athletes at the beginning of spring.
Coming from all over the world; you can also try all or part of the route!
Below is the iterative map of the paths taken from the official site of the 5 Terre National Park

map  Cinque Terre trails

At check-in we give you a map of the Cinque Terre trails.
You can take the map with you when exploring the trails, it will be useful!

trail manarola corniglia

Before embarking on a path it is advisable to wear adequate clothing; we recommend bringing a water supply. Consult the excursionist’s Vademecum on the Park website.

CAI mark paths

The paths are marked with white and red horizontal lines edited by CAI. Next to the two lines, when necessary,
the path number is also written.

cinque terre trekking

Up to date and accurate information on trekking and running can be found at the clothing store
technical Cinque Terre Trekking a few steps from Casa Capellini

sciacchetrail manarola

The Cinque Terre host the Schiacchetrail race annually, a very demanding competition for athletes, but that is a celebration for the five countries.

collora trail manarolino

The paths of the Cinque Terre were born for agricultural activity, to connect the villages, to transport materials with mules, to reach the sanctuaries. Taking a path is not just admiring the views, it is reliving the history of this area.