Where to take panoramic photos in Manarola

The panoramic points of Manarola
The best known photograph of Manarola is that of the cliff on the sea, but there are other points where you can take beautiful photos not to be missed, some among the houses and others in the vicinity; there is plenty of choice for a souvenir photo or a selfie.

A) The marina of Manarola (44.107378, 9.725476)

It is the classic and best known photo of the country, that of the cliff with the colorful houses above and the boats under the sea.
For this photo shoot it is necessary to reach the houses near the sea, and from there take the small road on the cliff on the right, which leads to Punta Bonfiglio (which one with flags).
Hence the photo and selfie of Manarola, fantastic both day and night.
Continuing the road, after Punta Bonfiglio, you will find the beautiful view towards Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso.

B) L’Arpaio (44.105743, 9.727060)

You can reach the small square “Arpaio” along via Belvedere, which passes between the buildings of the upper part of Manarola reaches the houses on the cliff.
“L’Arpaio” is on the cliff overlooking the sea, the view is exciting on the Via dell’Amore and Riomaggiore on one side, in front of the open sea, and on the other side towards Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso.
It is a little known little place, but not to be missed.

C) The church’s square (44.107663, 9.7299366)

It is in the upper part of the town and is the largest and most important square; the church is an important Gothic-Romanesque monument from the 1400s.
You can see almost the whole town, the sea and surrounding terraces called “the Amphitheater of the Giants”.

D) The old signal of the Navy (44.109627, 9.731107)

In the upper part of the terraces above the town there is an old signal of the Italian Navy, now abandoned, a huge steel panel, placed there because it is clearly visible from the sea even at a great distance.
Path 502 is one of the most scenic and beautiful in the Cinque Terre, and walking along it reaching the signal will be a joy for your eyes.

E) Piazza De Andrè (44.10640384437, 9.72878447101)

It is a very small little known square in the upper part of the town, easy and convenient to reach.
You will find it along via Rollandi, starting from the staircase on the upper part of the church square, 50 meters after the Billy restaurant, on the right.

F) The viaè (44.10640384, 9.72878447)

It is the small road, easy to follow, which reaches the sea from the church square; an easy walk,
fifteen minutes with beautiful views.

We have indicated the GPS coordinates of Google Maps in brackets, inserting them in the application will be easy to find the places we recommend.
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