Arrive by train

To reach the Cinque Terre and Manarola the best way in by train.
The Cinque Terre are served by the national railway line Rome-Genoa-Turin which is well connected with other major Italian cities and towns.

Coming from Rome, situated on the Rome-Pisa-Genoa line, and coming from Milan on the Milan-Genoa-Pisa line, get out at La Spezia Centrale.
From La Spezia Centrale you can easily get to Manarola by train. It takes about 10 minutes.

The best station to the Cinque Terre and the La Spezia Centrale in which trains stop at national and regional trains.
From the station of La Spezia Centrale you can easily get to Manarola; many regional trains arrive and depart from the Cinque Terre.
It takes about 11 minutes.

There are many trains during the day (about one train every hour) and during the night there are few trains to the Cinque Terre.
If you need to use the Taxi the distance between the station of La Spezia and the village of Manarola is only 16 km.

If you arrive to the Cinque Terre from the north (from Milan-Genoa) evaluated the possibility of taking a regional train (stop at almost all stations) from Genoa Principe or Genova Brignole with a stop in Manarola, avoiding off at La Spezia Centrale and go back to direction Genoa.

The website of the Italian State Railways, allows in English and Italian, to verify, by entering the station of departure, the station of arrival and the date of travel, travel time, any change of train, prices, type of train.