The carugiu of Manarola

“Carugi” are a typical Ligurian narrow roads, sorrounded by tall houses and palaces. The villages of the Cinque Terre have middle age origins, an they were used to be attached by pirates. “Carugi” are (in all the five villages) in diferent shapes, some uphill, some flat but all very beautifull to see.
In Manarola there is only a street called Il Carugio, the main one, you can find Casa Capellini there, no mistakes! No one of the locals call the street “via Ettore Cozzani” but “er carugiu à giesa” (church’s carugio) because is the street that goes from the lower part to the top, where the church is.

Until the 1970 the only way to reach Manarola was by train or walking for hours, only when the state road was built born the possibility to reach Manarola by car.
Bring the materials , such as the heavy ones to build and refurbish the houses, was not easy: the materials were loaded onto a railway wagon, the wagon was transported and left for some time on a station platform where it was unloaded and back of a mule brought to Manarola where it was needed. Use a mule was the only way to transport the materials to the close villages (Groppo and Volastra).
If you will stay in Casa Capellini you will be able to apreciate the fresh air of the Carugio. You climb will be awarded by a beautiful view from Casa Capellini!