The trail network of 5 Terre

The rules below were set by the Carabinieri Forestry Corps and the Park to ensure correct use of the trail network, where many Italian and foreign tourists go hiking, and whose characteristics make it comparable to mountain tracks.

1) Choose your trail according to your physical conditions and technical skills

2) Study the trail characteristics on a topographic map (distance, difference in elevation, springs, fountains, huts, etc.) and ask for information on the trail’s actual passability. Study potential alternative routes for the way back.

3) Make sure your clothes and equipment are suitable for the hike’s length and difficulty (spare underwear, fleece jumper, wind jacket, gloves, hat, hiking boots, sunglasses, sun cream, food)

4) Don’t forget to include the necessary equipment for potential emergency situations (thermal blanket, headlamp, handy, knife, compass, etc.) as well as a small first aid kit.

5) Don’t go on a hike by yourself, and anyway inform a trusted person about your planned itinerary.

6) Consult the weather forecast on the website or, and constantly keep an eye on how the weather evolves during yor our hike, especially in terms of wind and temperature.

7) If you have doubts, go back. It is sometimes better to quit a hike rather than running the risks of bad weather. Please remember that it is however prohibited to walk on the trails in case of adverse weather conditions, as you may endanger yourself and others.

8) Take your garbage back with you.

9) Respect plants and animals. Respect local culture and traditions.

10) Don’t leave the marked path.

11) In case of emergency, call 118 (first aid service).

Find all the information on Cinque Terre Park’s trail network (difficulty level, duration, etc.) at