From Volastra towards Corniglia (REL 586)

Pieces of history

Trail N. 586 is a horizontal trail connecting Volastra to Trail N. 587; until about ten years ago, the trail was used only by farmers.
It runs roughly parallel to the coastal Trail SVA/592 between Manarola and Corniglia, but 300 meters higher.
Since Trail SVA/592 is closed, and has been for ten years, the primary route between Manarola and Corniglia is on Trails 506-586-587.

Characteristics of the trail

The N. 586 trailhead is in Volastra on Via N.S. della Salute, behind the village church.
The church, Our Lady of Health, dating back to the 10th century, is one of 5 Marian sanctuaries of the Cinque Terre.
The trail can also be accessed from Via Montello, which terminates on Trail N. 586 at the church square.
The first kilometer of the trail is on narrow singletrack through cultivated agricultural land, first olive groves and vegetable gardens, then vineyards, with panoramic views.
At the 1km mark the trail winds around the hamlet of Porciana then enters a mixed forest where holm oaks predominate. About 500 meters from Porciana, the trail makes a hairpin turn in the valley below Monte Marvede.
Just off the trail is a large trench that fills with water in the summer months and empties in the winter. The water is used to irrigate nearby fields.
The trail continues on singletrack through the holm oaks then dead-ends on Trail N. 587. Corniglia is 1km in descent from the junction of Trail N. 586 with Trail N. 587.

Technical details of the trail

Length: 2.40 kilometers
Elevation gain: 46 meters
Maximum elevation: 378 meters
Trail type: single track
Surface: dirt, stone
Environment: dry stone walls, terraced vineyards, olive groves, mediterranean scrub and mixed forest
Trailhead: Volastra, Via N.S. della Salute, just behind the church
FKT (Fastest Known Time): 12:23 David Descamps (source: Strava segment “Trail 586 (Volastra-Incrocio 587)”)

Article taken from the cinqueterretrekking newsletter

Consult the excursionist’s Vademecum on the Nationale Park website

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