From Manarola to Riomaggiore with the Beccara trail (REL 531)

Pieces of history

Prior to the construction of the Via dell’Amore in the late 1920’s, Trail N. 531 was the main route connecting Riomaggiore and Manarola,
passing over Corniolo Hill.
The Via dell’Amore has been closed for 9 years due to a rockslide that has yet to be repaired, so Trail N. 531 is again the main route
between Riomaggiore and Manarola.

Characteristics of the trail

The trail is bordered by terraced vineyards, many of which are now abandoned.
The trail is steep, reaching grades of up to 47% on both the Manarola and Riomaggiore sides.
At the top of the climb on Corniolo Hill there is a lookout point on the left with views over Manarola.
Reached the highest point,the path goes left joining the trail n.532 along the ridge of the Corniolo Hill.
The trail turns right, then descends on the left after about 30 meters (Trail N.532 continues straight, eventually ending on Trail N. 530).
Trail N. 531 continues in descent, losing 190 meters of elevation in 700 meters, and ends on Via Telemaco Signorino in Riomaggiore.

Trails details:

Length: 1.2 kilometers
Elevation gain: 190 meters from Riomaggiore, 170 meters from Manarola
Maximum elevation: 242 meters
Trail type: single track
Surface: mostly stairs, of stone or constructed with wood/dirt
Environment: terraced vineyards, mediterranean scrub, dry stone walls
Starting from Manarola, take Via Rollandi from the church square, trailhead is on the left after B&B Da Baranin.
Starting from Riomaggiore train station, follow Via Telemaco Signorini for a couple hundred meters, turn left on the first road you come to, and continue for another 100 meters or so. The trailhead is on the left.

Article taken from the cinqueterretrekking newsletter.

Consult the excursionist’s Vademecum on the Nationale Park website

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