Park in La Spezia and reach the Cinque Terre by train

You can park your car in Manarola, in the paid parking lot or along the SP370 provincial road where permitted; find here useful information.

On days when there are many tourists, an alternative to parking in the Cinque Terre and Manarola is to leave the car in La Spezia and reach the village by train; we report below the four main possibilities.

From Manarola station it is easy to reach Casa Capellini, on foot, in less than 10 minutes.


One solution is to park in La Spezia in the paid parking under the La Spezia Centrale railway station (cost € 1.20 / h; € 0.50 / h at night) in the city center.
Find all the necessary information (rates, timetables, methods of use) at this link.
It will be very easy to take a regional train to Manarola, from the end of March to October you will have about three trains available every hour, the train journey is 10 minutes and you have to get off at the second stop.
Find parking in the city near the station, but we do not recommend this solution because the whole area is paid.


If you want to walk, you can leave your car in the peripheral parking of “Piazza d’Armi” where you can reach the station on foot in about 10 minutes, or take advantage of the shuttle bus service that takes you to the center near the station.

[44.114412, 9.847875]

Another possibility is the “Palasport” free parking very close to the highway exit; avoid the traffic of the center and you will have a shuttle bus service to reach the station easily

private garages

A further possibility, more expensive than the previous ones, but which allows you to reserve a parking space, is to leave your car in one of the garages near the La Spezia Centrale railway station.