Work has begun on the “via dell’Amore”

The via dell’Amore is the path on the sea known all over the world that from the town of Manarola ends in Riomaggiore, with a length of about 1,000 meters and which can be followed by walking for about fifteen minutes.

It has been closed since 24 September 2012 due to a landslide that seriously injured some Australian tourists.

The cost of the works is approximately 13 million and 400,000 euros made available by the Ministry of the Environment (now of the Ecological Transition) and by the Ministry of Culture.
Work will also be carried out in the sea and on the cliff below the Via dell’Amore for about 3 million euros, made available from the Liguria Region.

The workers are currently working on the rocks above the stretch of the path towards Riomaggiore.

When will the via dell’Amore be reopened?
If the deadlines set by the contract are respected, the via dell’Amore will be repeated at the end of spring 2024 (probably the month of May).

Here the press release on the reopening of the 5 Terre National Park