F.A.Q. for a stay in Manarola and the Cinque Terre

Here are some of the questions (F.A.Q.) that are asked most frequently by our guests, during their stay at Casa Capellini in Manarola or in the Cinque Terre, with their concise answers.

How do you get to Manarola and the Cinque Terre?
You can arrive either by car or by train.
Find HERE and HERE and HERE further information.

Is it possible to reach Manarola by boat?
Getting to Manarola by boat is possible, but it’s inconvenient.
The boat is recommended only for visiting the Cinque Terre villages.
Find HERE timetables and prices.

Are there food shops in Manarola?
Yes, in Manarola there is a minimarket and a grocery store; they are both in the center of the country.

Is there an ATM in Manarola?
Yes, it is in the central area of ​​the city, to the left of the entrance to the station’s forgiveness tunnel, right in front of the Aristide bar and the Alberto and Claudia grocery store.

Is it possible to have breakfast in Manarola?
Of course! there are many bars, in various areas of the country, where it is possible to have a tasty breakfast.

Are there restaurants in Manarola?
In Manarola there are excellent restaurants and pizzerias for all tastes and budgets.

Is it necessary to book the restaurant for dinner in Manarola?
It’s not mandatory; we recommend booking a table at the restaurant for dinner, at least in the summer season.

I have to send a letter and a package, is there a post office in Manarola?
Yes, a post office is open in Manarola in the central area of ​​the town.

I need to buy a medicine; how to do?
In Manarola there is a pharmacy in the center of the town, near the post office; the other closest pharmacy is in Riomaggiore.

Where can I buy the Cinque Terre Cards?
It is possible to purchase the 5 Terre National Park Cards in the reception offices located in the stations, or online at this link.
If you are a guest of a CETS certified accommodation facility, you can purchase the Cards at a discounted price.

Where do I buy train tickets to visit the other Cinque Terre villages?
Tickets can be purchased at the reception offices of the 5 Terre National Park which are in the railway stations, or online on the Trenitalia website.

Is it possible to visit the other villages of the Cinque Terre by boat? Where can you buy tickets?
Of course, in Manarola it is possible to embark on the scheduled boat to visit Riomaggiore, Vernazza and Monterosso.
The ticket office is on the sea, at the beginning of the road to embark.
Find HERE timetables and prices.

Are there beaches in Manarola?
There are no beaches in Manarola.
It is possible to swim in the cliff below the town, in the old dock for boats, or in the nearby dock of Palaedo.
To go to the beach you need to take the train and reach Monterosso (a 10-minute journey) where you will find some beaches, the first of which is just below the station.
Find more information HERE

Is it possible to buy wine produced in Manarola?
Of course, it is possible: ask for information at the accommodation facility that hosts you.
Manarola is the town of the Cinque Terre with the largest number of farms; in the nearby town of Groppo, there is the Cooperativa 5 Terre.

Is it possible to enter the town of Manarola by car?
It is not possible to enter the town by car; park your car just outside the town and reach Manarola on foot.
In Manarola, there is an on-call porter service.

Is it possible to rent a boat?
In Manarola some companies offer a NCC service (rental with driver) to navigate and visit the marine protected area of ​​the Cinque Terre.
Find more information HERE

Before, during and after booking, upon your arrival and during your stay at Casa Capellini, you will receive the best information for a pleasant stay in Manarola and in the Cinque Terre.

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