From Groppo towards the Corniolo (REL 532C)

Crumbs of history

The REL532C path was used by the inhabitants of the small town of Groppo for the cultivation of the land on the hill opposite the town, but also further on for the vineyards on the west-facing hill.

Characteristics of the trail

Trail N. 532C is a horizontal trail that connects the hamlet of Groppo to Costa Corniolo.
From Costa Corniolo, you have more possibilities, including going towards Manarola or Riomaggiore with the beautiful Beccara path.

The trailhead is on provincial road SP51, between Groppo and Cantina 5 Terre.
The trail starts up a short cement staircase alongside a small private garage on the right side of a hairpin turn on SP51.

At the top of the stairs it turns right onto a singletrack trail. The first 300 meters are flat, through abandoned fields now covered with mediterranean scrub.
At the end of a cultivated vineyard the trail meets Trail N. 502 from Manarola, and turns left onto it, up stone stairs through a vineyard of Cantina Crovara.

After about 30 meters, the two trails split, with Trail N. 502 continuing straight ahead, and Trail N. 532C turning to the right, through a pine stand and then through a vineyard of Forlini Cappellini winemakers.
The trail winds through abandoned terraces on narrow singletrack, then through a vineyard of Cantina Burasca.

The final 400 meters climb gently through mediterranean scrub and pines. The trail terminates at the junction with Trail N. 532.

Note: There are 3 gates along the trail, which are part of a barrier to prevent wild boar from entering cultivated fields. Please close the gates behind you after passing through.

Trail connections:

Trail N. 502
to Manarola (1.2km)
to Trail N. 530 (500m)
to Trail AV5T (1.9km)

Trail N. 532
to Trail N. 531 (400m)
to Trail N. 530 (800m)


Lunghezza: 1,06 chilometri
Dislivello: 54 metri
Altitudine massima: 280 metri
Tipo di percorso: single track

Length: 1.06 kilometers
Elevation gain: 54 meters
Maximum elevation: 280 meters
Trail type: single track
Surface: dirt, stone
Environment: cultivated and abandoned terraced vineyards, dry stone walls, mediterranean scrub and mixed forest
Trailhead: Groppo on SP51 just beyond the village center (northern end) or on Trail N. 532 (southern end)
FKT (Fastest Known Time): 7:00 Rémi Berchet (source: Strava segment “Trail 532C Groppo – Corniolo)

Article taken from the cinqueterretrekking newsletter

Consult the excursionist’s Vademecum on the Nationale Park website

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