Where to swim in Manarola and the Cinque Terre

The coast of the Cinque Terre is almost all rocky, and there are few beaches for swimming.

It is possible to dive in the vicinity of the five villages, from the reef, from the ports where the fishing boats are pulled ashore during the storms, and also on the beaches.

In Manarola it is possible to swim in the breakwater cliff just below the town and in two equipped ones one directly below the town, and the other (Palaedo, clean water guaranteed!)

At the end of a pleasant comfortable walk on the cliff. For those who love to swim there are places very close to the town that are very peaceful and characteristic, accessible only by sea.

In Riomaggiore there is a beach near the marina, even in Corniglia it is possible to swim under the village.

In the small port of Vernazza there is a beautiful small beach in front of the church of Santa Margherita, but there are no bathing establishments.

For the village of Manarola, Riomaggiore, Corniglia and Vernazza the beaches and the coast are free, there are no payments to access.

The situation is different in Monterosso, where there are two beaches, one under the railway station and the other in front of the village.
In some areas of the beaches of Monterosso there are bathing establishments, in other areas these beaches are free to enter.

The water is clean, there are no industries in the Cinque Terre, and even the cliffs are often equipped, so don’t worry, you will learn to bathe as the inhabitants do, maybe to do from the top of the dives and …… and it will be a lot of fun!

There are also isolated places with very few people, not equipped, wild and with splendid water, all to be discovered and experienced!