Trails from Casa Capellini

Casa Capellini is in the Manarola hut which is an ancient road that led to the villages above that has now become the path 506 of the Park.
We bring back only four of the many possibilities to undertake a walk starting from Casa Capellini.
Other routes, which will be a pleasant surprise, are reserved for our guests!

Manarola, Volastra, Corniglia

At 10 meters from our building, path 502 starts which allows a panoramic view of the town and goes up through the vineyards and olive groves towards Volastra and then Corniglia. About two hours of walking with unforgettable views of the sea.

Reach Riomaggiore via the Beccara

The trail 531, which is currently the alternative route to the “way of love”, is also very close. It rises high and leads to Riomaggiore passing over the Corniolo hill, with a view of the two countries (Riomaggiore and Manarola) of the sea and the Via dell’Amore seen from above.
A lot of work was done on the trail and it was finally reopened in June 2020.

At the castle of Riomaggiore

Still it is possible to easily reach the trial 506 path which allows you to reach Riomaggiore with a different route from that of 531, less steep, and partly in the sidewalks beside the highway.

High way of the Ligurian mountains

The path 506, which passes in front of our house, allows you to reach along the valley the path n.nnn, “Alta via dei monti liguri”. It passes high on the Cinque Terre, reaches Portovenere to the east (exceeding Riomaggiore above) and then Levanto (after Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso).

There will be the best tips and indications for our guests who love walking.

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