In your stay in Manarola, a visit to the Piè de Campu Mill, a journey through time

A few steps from the square of the Church of Manarola, we give our guests the possibility of an exclusive journey through time, but without Doc and his DeLorean, at least until 1963, but also earlier, setting the right date until 1643.

The Piè de Campu Mill is exactly like when it was closed in 1963, when after centuries the derivation of water from the nearby stream that supplied it with energy to operate was canceled.

There are the ancient equipment for grinding olives and wheat, stone grinders, the press, the copper cauldron, the small objects that were used, the fig wood gears, and the hand winch for the last squeezing, nothing had to be lost.

It almost seems to see him still in business… ..

Casa Capellini will offer its guests a unique and exclusive visit to the Piè de Campu Mill, which is a hundred meters from our rooms; for this opportunity we thank Manarola’s “Associazione Culturale Radici”.

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